Electrical Contractors in Bangalore

Electrical Contracts

Ziaton Innovative, founded in the year 2015, is an A-Grade(Registered Electrical Contractor) licensed contractors in electrical work. We are a medium-sized electrical service company. We have an excellent portfolio in Commercial and Industrial buildings.

Our Electrical Services in Details

Commercial Electrical Services

  • Small Offices, Big multistorey buildings like Tech parks

  • Small or Star Hotels, Restaurants and Pubs

  • Educational Institutions

  • Hospitals

  • Multiplex and Shopping malls

  • Resorts.

Office Electrical Services

  • Small Individual office spaces, big offices, and tech parks.

  • Commercial spaces and commercial buildings.

Industrial Electrical Services

  • Chemical factories

  • Manufacturing industries and Warehouses 

  • Service Industries and many more

We do both electrical design(drawing) and execution work. Our young and experienced team finishes the electrical contracts within the given time. We provide the best electrical material. Our contracts work for all types of electrical platform.

We are top electrical contractors and ready to work anywhere within India. Our best electrical service will bring a big smile on your face.

We have classified our skilled and qualified team as –

 Office Technicians teams - those are dedicated to small offices, big office space and tech parks.
 Commercial Technicians teams - those are dedicated commercial buildings.
 Industrial Technicians teams - those are dedicated to Industrial electrical purposes.

Why choose us?

We are qualified electrical professionals 

We do the high standard safety work

We provide quality and insured service

We finish our job at once

We work 24/7

We have a better portfolio 

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